Friday, March 21, 2008

Updated Website

The Word on Fire website has been updated and modernized. Please enjoy a full restoration of features such as iTunes Podcast. The URL (Website address) is just the same as before

Thanks for you patience and support during this interim period.

Have a Good Friday and a blessed and Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Father Robert,
As a person involved in the arts I am so glad you are taking up the challenge to produce good quality programmes on Catholicism.
So many I have seen fail to engage the viewer on the poor editing alone; and the music seems tagged on as an after thought.
The church in England was stripped of much of its beauty, (even in recent years); and so the faithful have been starved of that insight which lends itself to the raising of ones soul.
Praying for your work, (enjoyed the 3 part series you did for EWTN)
God bless.